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Dwarf Cichlid Internet Sources

      Apistogrammas and other dwarf cichlids are often offered for sale on the Internet. A number of different web sites offer dwarf cichlids for sale and they can also frequently be found on bulletin boards and auction sites.

      Buying fish through the Internet or any other distance transaction always brings uncertainty. There are many factors that are open to interpretation that there can easily be misunderstandings. Sizing, sexing, shipping and identification are the most common areas of difficulty. I recommend that you have clear communications before the purchase is consummated.

      Searching the Internet will provide you with a number of options for buying fish. Here are a few sites you can check. Often the stock that a site has listed differs from what they have on hand. I suggest that you send an Email to see if there are additional species available or others that are sold out.

      The following sites are operated by people that I have reason to believe operate in an honest and straightforward fashion. However, by listing them here I am not endorsing them or certifying their performance. I will not list sites that I have any reservations about and I offer these sites as places to search for fish you might be seeking. The list below is in alphabetical order and does not represent any sort of ranking.

      If you know of a site you think should be added to our list please contact us.

     Aquabid.com    This popular aquatic auction site is a dependable place to find dwarf cichlids. Normally you can expect to find several sellers with a number of species available for auction. In fact, dwarf cichlids are so popular that the site has added as special apistos section.. All transactions are handled per the rules of the site and there are good feedback and other tools.

     Aquaticclarity.com   Jeff at Aquaticclarity is an excellent breeder and distributer of many different dwarf cichlids. He usually has an excellent assortment of West African fish as well as Apistogramma species. Jeff offers both imported and tank raised fish and is also a great source for driftwood.

      Tedsfishroom.com   Ted Judy is an accomplished breeder, photographer and writer about all things dwarf cichlid related.  Ted is a breeder and specialty distributer. He periodically imports a variety of exotics dwarf species.  Check out his site to see what he currently has available.  Of course, I recommend you drop him an Email as he might have fish that are not listed on his site.

     Wetspottropicalfish.com    The Wet Spot is one of the best pet stores in the country for dwarf cichlids and they also have a very robust online business. they are frequently advertising on Aquabid.com but also run a full list of all their fish on their website. I have never had fish shipped by them but have visited the shop many times and they usually have a great assortment of quality fish.

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